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Life coaching to improve your wellbeing and help you thrive.





We are passionate about working with you to help you reach your full potential.


Whether you have gone through a crisis, reached a point where you need things to change or want to improve your wellbeing and quality of life, we can help. Realign Coaching exists to help you get more out of life. Whatever your history, we can help you build a positive future.

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Life review



Life not turning out as you expected? Simply want to get more out of life? Together we will review where you are in your life journey so you can start moving forward.


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Sometimes we lose ourselves and what we are all about. In our coaching sessions we will look to rediscover who you are so you can realign you priorities.


Realigning seld



Knowing where and who you are we will make practical plans to realign your life accordingly and realise your goals.



Idea of life coaching




Life coaching can be described as “a purposeful conversation with individuals which inspires them to create the life they want”, or “a non-hands on talking relationship engaging the beneficiaries’ imagination and/or feedback”.


Practically this involves helping you identify goals and encouraging you to self-determine ways to achieve those goals. This is a collaborative process designed to encourage you to make the journey for yourself through the use of questions designed to engage you with your own approach to life as a means of developing hope, identity and the opportunity to discover your place in the world. The work continues while you implement your action plan, and are held to account for your goals and plans, helping you understand the consequences of your choices, and supporting you through the process. The sessions provide the opportunity to practice and develop new skills and perspectives based on the belief that you are:


  • Unique
  • Equipped to live your life
  • Resourceful
  • Able to make informed choices based on your freedom of conscience


Our induction, premium, standard and express life coaching sessions are all delivered on a one-to-one basis. Your starting point is a thirty minute induction session.


  • Initial Life Coaching Induction Appointment - The starting point in your coaching and wellbeing journey with us if you are new to our services or haven't attended in the past six months. Cost £25.
  • Premium Life Coaching Appointment - A full hour to explore and plan your route forward. Our most comprehensive option for coaching in relation to complex issues. Cost £50.
  • Standard Life Coaching Appointment - For those who have already made good progress on their journey. A popular option with 30 minutes to review and continue to navigate your route forward. Cost £30.
  • Express Coaching Appointment - If you are well on track and just need to check in this brief focused coaching session will help you review your progress and make small adjustments. Cost £15.


During sessions you will:


  • Be encouraged to set challenging and inspiring goals for your life in line with your values.
  • Be nurtured to create a positive and fulfilling lifestyle and identity.
  • Be supported in exploring your options in a safe environment.
  • Be helped to generate the action steps which will work for you.
  • Be working with someone who will believe in you and celebrate your successes.


For people who want to maintain some support after their coaching sessions we have now introduced the Realign Peer Coaching Circle (cost £5 in person). Our structured small group coaching option is a place for exploring, reinforcing and sustaining progress. Only open to people who have already received coaching with us. Only a maximum of eight people attend any meeting. We also offer the additional wellbeing small group sessions.


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